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Cards Against Humanity for Windows

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Finish each other’s sentences

Cards Against Humanity is a very interesting card game where players will try to one-up each other by giving the most horrible yet funny answers to a question. There are no rules when it comes to choosing your answers, no matter how offensive or crude it may get. It also does not have to make any sense! Just choose which card of yours you think would best fit the question that is dealt. For instance, the question can be ‘What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?’ and your answer can be Kanye West! The point of Cards Against Humanity is to bring joyful laughter to everyone playing. Get creative with your answers and start playing now! It is a really funny game.


  • Easy game mechanics
  • Play with friends
  • Creative and funny cards
  • No strict game rules


  • Contains offensive cards
  • Not enjoyable to play alone

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Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity 1.0 for PC

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